The “Top 3” Story

14 04 2009

decision-11The “Top 3” Media business model is simple. We started asking consumers about their decision-making process when they are purchasing a product or service that costs $1000 or more.  In these interviews, we learned two significant things:

  • Most people appreciate (and would like to find) an unbiased authority on the product or service whose advice they can trust.
  • The ideal number of companies that most people like to explore and compare in depth is 3.
    • 2 or less didn’t seem like a wide enough spectrum of options for consumers to feel completely confident in their choice.
    • And 4 or more became too much to manage when they were truly trying to learn as much as they could about their options.

And we learned something else as well…

These days, people are busier than they have ever been.  We all know this.  And we all know that this means each minute of our day is extremely valuable.  People want to be efficient and not waste time.
When it comes to making a significant financial decision, many people struggle because they want to get as much information as possible and find the ‘right’ choice.  But people are also time-limited and wary that that they don’t have enough time to…

  • do the ‘right’ research
  • find the ‘right’ companies
  • and make that ‘right’ choice.

Integrating this information, “Top 3” Media was created and has become…

  1. A company with a portfolio of niche-industry-targeted lead-generation websites.
  2. Serving as a leading authority for each industry where we post a site.
  3. Who recommends 3 of the ‘Top’ companies in an industry for consumers to research
  4. And in the process serves the needs of both internet users and the companies looking to connect with those users.

Here is what we provide for our Clients and for our Site Users:

business-people-at-table-32For our Clients…

  • We provide exclusive placement on our niche-targeted lead-generation websites where space is limited to only “Top 3” companies in that niche.
  • A high volume of the highest-quality leads in the internet
    • No incentivized traffic, no blanket affiliate marketing, no games or tricks to manufacture lead volume….quality and conversion is our top priority.
  • Video and Auto-responders for each lead we generate setting the expectation that they’ve found the Top 3 companies in the industry and they will be contacted shortly by those companies to explore their options.
  • “Top 3” Media’s recommendation that your company has the quality and integrity that prospects are looking for.  Our recommendation means that prospects will feel more comfortable when you call them.
  • AND, when your prospects know that the “Top 3” companies are calling them from their single inquiry through our site, they are less inclined to keep doing more research and finding more of your competition.
  • Guarantee that our leads are only sold to a maximum of 3 companies – no more.
    • This is the ideal number that users are going to find and research anyway, so why don’t you be known as one of the “Top 3” companies in your industry.
    • Many lead-generation companies sell a single lead to 5 or more companies.  3 is an ideal number that enables companies to get good conversions and great Return on Investment!

For our Site Users…

  • We become the unbiased authority that they are looking for and whose recommendations they can trust.
  • A simple way to save time and energy and have the “Top 3” companies in their area of interest contacting them.
  • An ideal solution to save time, get the information they are looking for, and feel confident that they are connecting with some of the best companies to serve their needs.
  • In short, we help people do the ‘right’ research to find the ‘right’ companies to make that ‘right’ choice…and feel great about it!

If you would like your company to be listed in one of our “Top 3” Media websites, or if you would like to suggest an industry where you think a “Top 3” Media website should be created, please contact us at (509) 997-0228.

We look forward to hearing from you.
–the “Top 3” Media Team